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Artist: Justin Timberlake

Song: Mirrors


Heart Attack (Official Video)

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Artist: Demi Lovato

Song: Heart Attack

Just Give Me A Reason

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Artist: Pink ft. Nate Ruess

Song: Just Give Me A Reason


Maybe this time.

it’s been a long time and I’m wondering how you are
keep dreaming of you
keep hoping time will come
its gonna be me and you
I waited for so long
never lose hope
that maybe this time it’s gonna be real
I can see you face
You’re smiling at me
waving your hands
wanna hold you close to me
maybe this time
it’s all for real
maybe this time no tears will fall
maybe this time we will have forever
maybe this time…
but that this time will never come! I love you and will always will. you save me many times. become the reason to live! Maybe this time is just a song…hope in heaven you’ll hear my song for you!

Video credit to YouTube member “moonraven29”

Artist: Michael Murphy

Title: Maybe This Time