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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Open Letter to the One I Lost

My Dear,

It’s been three years and I wonder how you are. I know you’re in good condition and I know you’re fine. Someone’s giving you the love and care that I can never give to you. Providing you everything that I can never do.

I don’t wanna change anything. Don’t wanna mess things up. I know in there you have better life, better future…something I can’t give to you.

I hope you’re happy and living well. I wish you good health and a smile in your face. This is the only thing I can do  for you and  the best that I can do.

Published in Youtube by “Greenday”

Artist: Green Day

Song: Wake Me Up When September Ends


Price Tag

I don’t mind staying in a shabby house

meals in between is not a big deal for me

clothes outdated, so what i’m pretty

jewelries gone, I don’t care

even if i have only penny in my pocket

doesn’t matter I have your smile

as long as I have you by my side

I can live happily on this earth

im so inlove with you baby

nothing can make me stay away from you

you’re the sun, moon and everything in me

you’re the reason i live

Not everything has a price tag

because with you I prove that the best thing in life is free!

Published in Youtube by “JessieJVEVO”

Artist: Jessie J ft B.O.B

Song: Price Tag

Maybe this time.

it’s been a long time and I’m wondering how you are
keep dreaming of you
keep hoping time will come
its gonna be me and you
I waited for so long
never lose hope
that maybe this time it’s gonna be real
I can see you face
You’re smiling at me
waving your hands
wanna hold you close to me
maybe this time
it’s all for real
maybe this time no tears will fall
maybe this time we will have forever
maybe this time…
but that this time will never come! I love you and will always will. you save me many times. become the reason to live! Maybe this time is just a song…hope in heaven you’ll hear my song for you!

Video credit to YouTube member “moonraven29”

Artist: Michael Murphy

Title: Maybe This Time

Wide Awake

it’s a glimpse of you, wanna hold your hands
living a life without you is what i choose
but deep inside me you’re always remembered
never will i forget you’re somewhere out there
i’m wide awake but keep on dreaming
someday, somehow we’ll see each other again!

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Artist: Katy Perry

Song: Wide Awake

I Know I Need To Be Inlove

Lying here in my bed

don’t know what’s happening

a lot of questions in my head

drained from wanting to know why

it’s crazy that it’s you i loved

but there’s  no way to regret it now

beneath your warm embrace

i can only feel an icy turbulence

is this the end, i don’t know anymore

but there’s one thing I know for sure

I know I need to be in love to survive in this lonely world!

Video credit to YouTube member aboumoussa711

Artist: The Carpenters

Title: I Need To be In Love


oops, I know it’s sound so crazy but each day i’m dreaming about you.

gonna make my move now or will regret it for the rest of my life

have to give my best shot, can you please look at my way

your smile so irresistible, it’s driving me insane

your eyes look so cute, oh my am i staring at you

have to ask this question, it’s now or never…

will you be my boyfriend?!

Published in Youtube by JustinBieberVEVO

Artist: Justin Bieber

Title: Boyfriend


Call Me Maybe

It doesn’t matter, maybe I’m a fool

I look into your eyes and I know it’s gonna be you

but hey i’m just a girl from somewhere else

and i don’t think I have a room in your life

but then just maybe we can hang out sometimes

or when I give you my number

in my wildest dream you call me…MAYBE!

Published in YouTube by CarlyRaeJepsenVEVO

Artist:Carly Rae Jepsen

Title: Call Me Maybe

Dark Side

darkness looming into my life

don’t know where i could turn to

when i look back i see you shining through

but doubt still in my head

will you stay forever no matter what happen

will you still be there

when you see dark side of me!

Video published  YouTube  by kellyclarksonVEVO

artist: Kelly Clarkson

Song Title: Dark Side

Do-Re-Mi – Julie Andrews (Antwerpen’s Central Station Flash Mob Dance)

A very inspiring video that really create a lot or raves in Youtube. I wanna share it to everyone and hoping that this will make you smile and keep your hopes up!

Everyday, something unexpected happen.

In the worse time of our life, always remember that there’s hope.

And when you’re about to give up…

there will always be someone around the corner to cheer you up!

*credit to YouTube member

Artist: Julie Andrews

Title: Do Re Mi

I’m A Believer

there are times we’re losing hope

love seems so far away

unknown force everyone enjoy

except us, who’s forever asking

is it true or just a fairytale

until one day we meet someone

and then we’ll say “I’m a believer!”

*Video credit to Youtube member boydkoers