I Know I Need To Be Inlove

Lying here in my bed

don’t know what’s happening

a lot of questions in my head

drained from wanting to know why

it’s crazy that it’s you i loved

but there’s  no way to regret it now

beneath your warm embrace

i can only feel an icy turbulence

is this the end, i don’t know anymore

but there’s one thing I know for sure

I know I need to be in love to survive in this lonely world!

Video credit to YouTube member aboumoussa711

Artist: The Carpenters

Title: I Need To be In Love


About charmedwitch

just wanna share a creative part of me and wishing that somehow this can make the world a better place to live with rhymes and music!

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  1. this song reminds me of my college friend. she loves this song so much.
    visiting from GT sis!

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