First day of March!

First day of March and got BIG news early in the morning but all of this got confusing and put me in vague since the promise made for me was not fulfilled and leaving me instead, thinking…what the heck!

Since I started working in Odesk is really nice and easy.

Be with my son 24/7. No commuting. No late. No worries if no more money since i’m just at home. i can eat anytime. sleep anytime. work anytime…

Hmmmm…March?! Gonna tie the knots…oh well…life is good no matter what happen. I still have what i want and I always believe that things happen for a reason and will happen in the right season!


About charmedwitch

just wanna share a creative part of me and wishing that somehow this can make the world a better place to live with rhymes and music!

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