The art of letting go.

It’s never been easy to let go someone you love specially if that person was with you for the longest time that you already forget how it’s like when he’s not around. But sad to say, there is always a time when things just don’t work out; when he have to go or when he found someone else and the art of letting go is the greatest way for you survive this thing in your life.

There are 4 stages of letting go…that’s denial, anger, bargaining and finally acceptance. But doing all this are very hard and would need help from people around you. You need to make yourself busy. Learn how to be alone again and be independent. Dont be shy to cry until you get exhausted and no tears coming out in your eyes. Write things, about your anger or how you feel each day. Try to hibernate for a while and do some soul-searching. Don’t rush yourself in wanting to jump to the last stage since it will only deepen the heartaches and will later see yourself in stage one.

Life can be very difficult while still trying to cope with everything and mastering the art of letting go but little by little with a lot of self help (remember, no one can help you better than your self), you will find yourself strong; living and starting to love again.


About charmedwitch

just wanna share a creative part of me and wishing that somehow this can make the world a better place to live with rhymes and music!

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