my first post…

I finally made my first blog after a long long long years.

I love to write. I love to make poem. I love everything a word can do. But my writing hobby were suddenly put aside when I entered the corporate world and later becomes a mother. I’m not really sure if I could still write a nice poem just like before. I’m not sure if I could write a nice article that will interest people the way I write before. I’m no longer confident in my writing skill since I can’t even write in my diary just like before. But I want to try…I need to try.

And now here I am. Writing a blog on how I feel. Though I know if other people will read this, they will think this is being written poorly but still I wanted to try and write anything in my mind.

I wanted to hone my writing skill. I wanted to try to learn again and the best way to learn is to read and practice. Now I’m doing it both. I’m happy because I’m finally doing it and I hope I’ll get it done.


About charmedwitch

just wanna share a creative part of me and wishing that somehow this can make the world a better place to live with rhymes and music!

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  1. saw your blog address in girltalk (sether ang username ko dun) and I understand what you feel because we somewhat share the same problem. I want to be a homebased writer too because I think its the only way I could earn money at home while taking care of my daughter. Unfortunately, even if I already write years before seems like kinalawang na ata utak ko, my grammar sucks i know ^_^. But i’ll try to undergo a training at baka swertehin na makapag content writing next time. di ako maka subscribe sa blog mo, blogspot kasi gamit ko. This is my address if you want to read about me din haha share share lang Goodluck and Godbless sis! 🙂

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